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Odin is a very solid yet stylish wristband designed to stand out of the ordinary. It measures 12.5 cm (5 inches) , and with its eight straps almost chaotically braided, Odin is a powerful statement piece.


Like most of our products, Odin is made-to-measure for a perfect fit. Just order the closest size you think might fit you. Soon after we've received your order we will send you an email containing clear details on how to measure yourself correctly. After we've received your measurements we will then ammend your order. Your Odin will be made specifficaly for you.


Standard sizes : 

XS: 17cm at the base and 21cm at the top

S: 19 cm at the base and 23cm top

M: 21cm at the base and 24.5 at the top

L: 21cm at the base and 26 at the top



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