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If there is a pinnacle to the design collection at Monkey Sergeant, it is the Apex.

This unique piece merges the aesthetic of a biker jacket with science fiction hero’s armour.

From every angle, there is something fascinating to look at in this design.

Crafted with the highest quality leather and meticulously made-to-measure, this jacket will make you feel like the protagonist in your own movie.

Details include ribbing, quilting, hand-stitching, and beautifully crafted 3D panelling (with leather inserts). 

Technically, the 3D panels are made of three layers of leather while the quilted ones are incorporating two layers each. Therefore one can see how this is not a light jacket. However, those who are used to wearing leather gear will find Apex incredibly comfortable. 

The thick military style black cotton lining inside is not only adding to the overall stylish look of Apex, but also makes the jacket more comfortable to wear.

Apex features two zipped, front pockets fully made in leather and a third, interior breast pocket inside the lining. 

The Oxyd Black colour zipps are discreet in appearance, and are meant to not interfere with the leather details on Apex. 

There is little doubt that this jacket will attract attention when worn, whether as part of a full leather outfit, or as straight forward day wear.

In the world of leather jackets, there is nothing that can climb close to the Apex.

(Photos: Matt Spike)


Chest Size:


 S: 36inch - 38inch

 M: 38inch - 40inch

 L: 40inch  - 42inch

XL: 42inch - 44inch

XXL: 44inch - 46inch


All orders on this product are made to measure and are dealt with individually. To ensure that you are receiving the perfect fit, soon after placing your order, one of our artisans will get in touch with you, (using the email address you will provide at the checkout) and organise a measuring session via a video call. 


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