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Trekker is a leather hoodie made in a thin yet durable cow hide. The colour scheme combines the same shade of dark grey found on our Grey Hound jeans, with the classic black. The ribbing lines across the chest keeps it in line with all our other designs, making it a perfect match for our trousers. Combine it with our Grey Hound as shown in the pictures and you will end up with a statement outfit. 

Trekker is not lined, so the direct touch of the leather against the skin brings a sexy feel. The simple cut of the back keeps the focus on the beautiful design of the front and a perfectly shaped hood.


For the customized option, other colours are available. Please hit the Email button on our home page to discuss your ideas before placing your order. 


Chest Size:


XS: 34inch - 36inch

 S: 36inch - 38inch

 M: 38inch - 40inch

 L: 40inch  - 42inch

XL: 42inch - 44inch

XXL: 44inch - 46inch




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